Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction for Resilience (CADRE)

Since 2011, USAID/OFDA has provided more than $1.5 million to the CADRE program, enabling USAID/OFDA and USAID/Indonesia to partner in funding projects that educate and engage communities and local officials in climate change adaptation measures and improve linkages between national-, provincial-, and district-level governments, leading to more coordinated and inclusive DRR and climate change planning. Over the past several years, USAID/OFDA funding for CADRE has supported Project Concern International (PCI), Farmer Initiatives for Ecological Literacy and Democracy (FIELD), Lutheran World Relief, Mercy Corps, and WN to improve sustainable land use, reduce disaster vulnerability, and mitigate the impact of climate change by rehabilitating mangrove forests and increasing community capacity for effective coastal land management.

Expected Outcomes

Expected Outcomes
  • Increase local mangrove resource through mobilization, rehabilitation and capacity building of 10 community based organizations (CBOs)
  • Increase knowledge in natural resource management, disaster resiliency and capacity in 10 CBOs, 4 elementary and 4 junior schools
  • Increase and improve alternative livelihood opportunities for up 200 business groups through microenterprise development to reduce deforestation and disaster vulnerability.

Actual Outcomes

Actual Outcomes
  • Increased awareness and acceptance of the community of the roles and benefits of mangroves for livelihoods and mitigation against tsunami
  • Integrated disaster preparedness and mangrove management in the curriculum of 8 schools in the project areas
2011 - 2015
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