Facilitating Collective Action for Sustainable Development Goal 6 through Learning Alliances


In this video from Sustainable WASH Systems partner IRC WASH, learn about Learning Alliances and how they build strong local systems:Changing water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) systems for the better – with the many social, technical, institutional, environmental and financial factors, actors, motivations and interactions that shape WASH service delivery - is a complex challenge that demands the efforts of multiple stakeholders. Innovation and systemic changes are vital to go faster and do better: as service levels in most low-income countries are a long way away from sustainable development goal (SDG) ambitions. 

Services can only be delivered sustainably by strong local and national systems. Facilitated multi-stakeholder learning is needed to build those systems. The USAID Sustainable WASH Systems partnership does this through learning alliances which build the collective capacity of stakeholders to frame, re-frame, and solve problems.

This video shares reflections from facilitators and participants of learning alliances in Ethiopia and Uganda. 

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