Water Quality Testing Assurance Fund

For small rural water systems, centralizing water quality testing at a professional laboratory is more effective and economical than onsite testing.

In this example the Water Quality Testing Assurance Fund encourages Ghana Water Company Limited’s (GWCL) laboratory to provide water quality monitoring services to small water systems in the nearby rural district of Asutifi North. Under the terms of the Assurance Fund, water systems are responsible for paying GWCL for monthly testing services. If water systems defaulted on their payments, Ghana Water Company Limited could file a claim against the Assurance Fund.

This video was produced by USAID’s REAL-Water activity and is also available in French.

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Vanessa Guenther, Communication Officer, Aquaya; Caroline Delaire Director Of Research And Programs, Aquaya; Bashiru Yachori, Program Officer, Aquaya
3:55 minutes
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