WALIS Final Summary Report


The Water for Africa through Leadership and Institutional Support (WALIS) program aimed to bolster the ability of African leaders, donors, and stakeholders to better use existing data and analyses to shape national water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) policy, planning, and budgets to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. This report gives an overview of the WALIS program’s accomplishments over the past six years.

WALIS’s four core tasks were:

TASK 1: Develop, monitor, and analyze sound WASH sector data;

TASK 2: Engage in targeted research and pilot activities around identified sector constraints;

TASK 3: Strengthen country systems to develop informed policy and improve sector planning toward sustainable WASH services; and

TASK 4: Increase the capacity required to support improved collection and use of sector knowledge.

Key project results included:


Trainings Held


People Trained


Enabling Environment Policies and/or Plans Developed or Consulted On


Communications Products Developed


Studies and Assessments


Institutions Receiving Capacity Development Support