Six Ways USAID is Committing to Menstrual Health

Dr. Hariniony Rakotoarimanana in Madagascar holds an educational session for young women before they have individual appointments at the local clinic. Photo credit: Karen Kasmauski, USAID Maternal and Child Survival Program

USAID is committed to ensuring all menstruators can safely engage in all facets of their lives with dignity and confidence.

This year’s Menstrual Hygiene Day theme is #WeAreCommitted, shifting from calling for action to leading by example. USAID is committing to action by launching our Agency-wide approach to menstrual health and hygiene.  

Approximately 500 million people worldwide face barriers to managing their menstruation in a safe, healthy, and dignified manner due to poor access to menstrual health and hygiene resources,  and stigma around menstruation, among other factors. Because challenges are most acute in low- and middle-income countries, USAID has an opportunity to have a whole-of-Agency impact. That’s why we, as Agency leaders working in and across multiple sectors, are committed to promoting menstrual equity for all.

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