Northern Uganda Water Supply Services (NUWATER) – Final Report


The Northern Uganda Water Supply Services (NUWATER) (formally NUWSS) was a three-year initiative funded by USAID/Uganda. The NUWATER contract was signed on June 10, 2008, more than a year after the original feasibility study that provided the foundation for project design, for a period of 36 months and a total life-of-project funding of just under $3 million. The objective of the project was to assist the local authorities with reestablishing their water supply services with initial focus on the northern Uganda towns of Kitgum and Pader.

The project was designed to assist local authorities in the selected towns in reestablishing their water supply services through the use of incentive-based contracts with private service providers for operation and maintenance of water systems. The project coordinated with the Ministry of Water and Environment and its lead agency in the water and sanitation sector, the Directorate of Water Development (DWD) while working directly and closely with local government units in Northern Uganda to deliver services. NUWATER was implemented by Tetra Tech ARD, Inc. with subcontractors including the External Services Unit of the National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) of Uganda.


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