Millennium Water Alliance (MWA) Water, Sanitation And Hygiene (WASH) Program In Ethiopia – External Program Evaluation


This report presents results of the evaluation of the Ethiopia Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Program, implemented from 2004 to 2009. The program funded by USAID, in cooperation with the Millennium Water Alliance (MWA). At the time of the evaluation the program was being implemented through eight international MWA partners and four local sub-contractor NGOs in 30 woredas (districts) in Ethiopia.

The purpose of the evaluation was to assess the performance and outcomes of the program, examine the effects it has had on the target beneficiaries, the challenges encountered during program implementation, the weaknesses and strengths of the program, and document the lessons learned for future programming. The evaluation was conducted in November and December 2008 by a team of two independent consultants with expertise in water resources supply and management and public health. The team spent 26 days in the country and 9 working days in the field between November 24 and December 18.


Ethiopia Millennium Water Alliance (MWA-EP) Activity Ex-Post Evaluation


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