The African Ministers’ WASH Finance Brief


All African countries adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development calling for universal and equitable access to safe water, sanitation, and hygiene by 2030. But at current rates of progress, it will be another 150 years before the continent reaches this goal. Governments need to act now to accelerate the improvement and expansion of WASH services, which are essential to nearly all aspects of economic and social development.

The WASH Finance Advocacy Brief focuses on helping government ministers raise awareness among their peers on the urgent need to prioritize financing the WASH sector. Targeting Africa’s finance ministers, this brief promotes direction and renewed political support for the WASH sector, emphasizing the importance of improving country resiliency toward COVID-19 and other infectious disease outbreaks, as well as strengthening the economic systems on the continent. Africa’s finance ministers are uniquely positioned to support WASH sector ministers in the development and implementation of policies and strategies to close the sector’s massive funding gap. The brief is intended to build the momentum necessary to bring together finance and WASH sector ministers and improve political will to decrease the funding gap and secure fundamental WASH services for all people across Africa. 

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