Accelerating Peri Urban Water and Sanitation Services in Kasai Oriental and Lomami Provinces


The DRC WASH MEL team trained five Water Service Provider (WSP) partners on the Database of  Operations and Revenues Monitoring (DORM) system in March 2022. The training focused on collecting and analyzing data and sharing the analyzed data results with WSPs. The objective of the exercise was to equip the WSP with this tool to track the proceeds from sales of water they carry out, the expenses incurred for production, and the customer base.

The MEL team collected the data using the mWater platform, and WSPs used the results of the analyses to get an exact idea of what they had achieved during a given period, which supported decision-making.

In Lukalaba, the Data Operations Revenue Monitoring (DORM) analyses enabled the WSP ACAEL to improve their financial income. Before DORM, they hardly reached 400,000Fc ($200) per month. But today, they regularly hit 1,000,000Fc ($500) per month.

DORM also revealed that WSPs were losing almost 31 percent of water production monthly due to a lack of tools for monitoring their operations. These analyses helped with the discovery  of a system of fraud, operated by some WSP agents who were not reporting the entire turnover and underestimating the number of customers. As a result, those staff were excused from the ACAEL staff team.

This video, captured by Mr. Elisee Kisuba Wabomundu, Communication Specialist of DRC WASH, features the following interviewees:

Verhy LOMBOTO M&E Specialist, DRC WASH

Pacific MUGARUKA Sr. ETLA Specialist, DRC WASH

Freddy MUTOMBO Chairman of the Board of Directors, WSP ACAEL

Isaac MULUMBA Secretary in charge of the database, WSP ACAEL

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