Wakhan, Afghanistan. Photo credit: John Winnie Jr., WCS-Afghanistan

World Water Day 2018: Unlocking Nature’s Potential to Create a Water-Secure World

On a planet that is growing warmer and more crowded, freshwater resources and the ecosystems that depend on them are being strained as never before.

This year, as the world prepares to celebrate World Water Day on March 22, attention is being focused on our relationship with nature. Specifically, how can we interact more sustainably with the natural environments around us to become more effective stewards of water, the world’s most vital resource? USAID recognizes that environmentally responsible water resources management serves a key role in improving everything from economic development prospects and human health outcomes to resilience in the face of intensified cycles of flood and drought. To that end, USAID — along with more than 16 other U.S. Government agencies — declared in the recently released U.S. Government Global Water Strategy that preservation of the planet’s natural environments is a key component to making sustainable improvements to water supply and human health.

But don’t take our word for it — let us show you. In this photo essay, travel with us from the Caribbean to Africa to the Middle East and Asia to see how USAID is helping champion natural solutions to protect and preserve ecosystems and the water resources that animate them — empowering communities with greater resilience and creating a more water-secure future.

View the full photo essay in USAID's Global Waters magazine.



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