A women washes her hands with a Generation One handwashing station in Benin. Photo credit: Sanitation Service Delivery (SSD)

Gaining the Upper Hand Against COVID-19 in Three African Countries

Handwashing with soap and water is a key prevention strategy to slow the spread of COVID-19. However, even this most critical behavior is out of reach for the nearly 3 billion people worldwide who lack access to clean water and soap in their homes.

Two USAID–funded sanitation programs implemented by PSI are overcoming these challenges by applying a market-based approach to increase the supply of handwashing facilities and products in homes in Benin, Côte d’Ivoire, and Ethiopia. In Benin and Côte d’Ivoire, only 11 percent and 19 percent of households, respectively, possess a basic handwashing facility. In Ethiopia, only 8 percent of households have one (JMP 2017).

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