Palestinian Community Infrastructure Development Program (PCID)


The Palestinian Community Infrastructure Development Program (PCID) is a five-year program which began in March 2013 and will finish in March 2018. The Program aims to increase Palestinians’ access to water and sanitation as well as other small and medium scale community infrastructure in the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza.

The PCID Program has been designed to target rural, vulnerable or underserved communities that face serious shortages in basic services. The quality of life in these communities continues to lag far behind other West Bank and Gaza communities, and significant disparities abound between rural and urban communities within the same districts.

Activity Description

The project’s strategic objectives are:

  • Respond rapidly to urgent water, sanitation and other public infrastructure needs with the objective of increasing access to water and sanitation systems; reducing water losses and enhancing water and sanitation systems’ sustainability.
  • Increase the impact of other USAID-funded programs in health, democracy and governance, education and the private sector by addressing underlying infrastructure needs which may be limiting the impact of those programs.
  • Support the construction of other infrastructure to address critically needed basic infrastructure shortages such as health facilities, schools and youth centers, parks, libraries and sidewalks.
  • Address unforeseen priority opportunities which adhere to the overall objective of the Program.
  • Initiate and implement rapid response humanitarian assistance in times of emergency.

Expected Outcomes

The project expects to have:

  • Enable approximately 60 Palestinian communities to have increased access to new and/or improved potable water supplies.
  • Enable more than 20 Palestinian communities to have access to improved sanitation systems.
  • Implement more than 50 infrastructure projects in the Health, Education, Youth and other sectors.

Actual Outcomes

The project:

  • Helped 90,320 beneficiaries through its 9 water projects and building 5 water reservoirs
  • Created 25,602 employment days
  • Laid down 74,513 lm of pipes

2013 - 2018

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