Mali Livestock For Growth (L4G)


The key goal of the USAID Mali Livestock for Growth (L4G) program is to improve the quality of livestock, expand market access and incentives, and include poorer households in livestock value chain

Activity Description

The program targets herders and small producers who do not have reliable access to inputs
or financial services, particularly female producers, who are largely isolated from markets and training
programs due to cultural norms. L4G also considers youth to be a vulnerable population due to their lack of access to education, land, financial services, extension services, and high rates of unemployment.

Expected Outcomes

L4G expects to:

  • Adoption of positive sexual and health-care seeking behaviors among youth ages 10-19 increased;
  •  Improve community literacy, numeracy, and nutrition and hygiene practices;
  •  Increase comestic and export trade;
  •  Strengthened local capacities and system;
  • Improve enabling environment for livestock sector.

Actual Outcomes

L4G were able to have local workers built 15 dams in four villages.


2014 - 2019

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