Liberia Strategic Analysis (LSA)


USAID Liberia Strategic Analysis (LSA) Activity provides the Mission with analytical and advisory services in support of strategic planning, project and activity design, performance monitoring and evaluation, and learning and adapting to contextual changes and implementation challenges

Expected Outcomes

LSA's goals are to: 

  • Strengthen the Mission’s management of the programming cycle, including strategic planning, project design, performance monitoring and evaluation, and learning and adapting;
  • Assist the Mission to identify lessons learned from past experiences, better understand the complex Liberian development context, and adapt its programs accordingly;
  • Play a central role in developing and implementing the Mission’s Performance Management Plan (PMP);
  • Assist the Mission with assessing and redesigning its Country Development Cooperation Strategy (CDCS);
  • Integrate USAID’s new strategic planning and research collection goals within the Agency’s CLA agenda; and
  •  Increase the cadre of qualified M&E professionals that are available to work with the Mission’s implementing partners and local civil society organizations.

Actual Outcomes

LSA has accomplished the following:

  • An Assessment of FARA 1.0 Outcomes on the Capacity of MOH and CHTs, and the Quality of Service Provision at Health Facilities
  • Education Quality and Access in Liberia (EQUAL)– Final Report, Performance Evaluation
  • Eina Road Rehabilitation Project– Baseline Survey, Final Report
  • Excellence in Higher Education for Liberian Development (EHELD)– Final Report, Performance Evaluation
  • Liberia Fixed Amount Reimbursement Agreement– Final Evaluation
  • USAID/Liberia Collaborative Support for Health (CSH)– Midterm Report, Performance Evaluation
  • USAID/Liberia Partnership for Advancing Community-Based Services– Midterm Report, Performance Evaluation
  • Forest Incomes for Environmental Sustainability Midterm Performance Evaluation

2015 - 2019

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