High Impact Health Service Delivery (HIHS)


The “Mali High Impact Health Services II" Activity is designed to assist the GOM MOH to improve and expand select high impact health services and ending preventable child and maternal deaths by focusing on three critical health system components as they intersect at the community level: health service delivery, social and behavior change, and health systems strengthening. The Activity objective is “Increased and Sustained Use of High Impact Health Services and Healthy Behaviors.” The selected applicant is expected to employ a number of technical approaches that have already proven to be effective in Mali, build on these successes and incorporate new ideas and approaches to accelerate gains.

Activity Description

The project is expected to have some water activities, including:

  • Promote hand washing with soap, hygiene, water treatment and storage
  • Social marketing (SM) and sales of aquatabs for point of use water treatment and ORS+Zinc for treatment of diarrhea
  • Small-scale construction activities focused on rehabilitating water storage facilities, rainwater diversion or infiltration structures, constructing boreholes or manual pump systems, and rehabilitating or constructing water treatment facilities.

Expected Outcomes

  • Improved demand for quality health services and products, and adoption of healthy behaviors at the individual, household, and community levels.
  • Improved access to and quality of integrated HIHS at the community level and appropriate referrals.
  • Improved health systems management, functioning and accountability at the community and district levels, and coordination at the regional level.

2014 - 2019

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