Gaza Household WASH Activity (GHW)

Photo courtesy of the Gaza Household WASH Activity

The residents of the Gaza Strip continue to face many challenges related to water, sanitation and hygiene. The Gaza Household WASH Activity (GHW) aims to improve human health, environmental health, and the livelihoods of vulnerable communities by increasing access to facilities and services for safe domestic water and improved sanitation. This goal will be met by increasing quantities of safe water for households’ domestic use in vulnerable communities, improving access of vulnerable households to sanitation services, and enhancing preparedness for WASH disasters and minimized future risks in targeted communities.

Program Targets

  • 22,050 households will be reached through GHW WASH support activities
  • 2,120 households will be gaining access to safely managed sanitation services
  • 132,300 beneficiaries will be reached
  • 11,650 households will be reached with small-scale stormwater works
  • 8,020 households will be gaining access to safely managed water services
  • 2,000 households will be reached with winterization and emergency response


2021 - 2024
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