• Activity
    The goal of USAID Anka Jiko is to improve the quality and sustainability of rural water and sanitation services by building the capacity of key stakeholders in rural Malian communities to construct, maintain, and sustainably manage safe and reliab
  • Activity
    USAID’s Sustainable Water and Sanitation Systems Activity (SWSSA) is a five-year, $32 million activity that aims to increase and sustain access to clean water and safe sanitation services for communities in the North and South Kiv
  • Toolkit
    USAID has released its recently revised Water and Conflict Toolkit, first published in 2014. As of 2015, 177 million people lacked basic drinking water and 284 million people did not use basic sanitation in conflict-affected settings.
  • Technical Brief
    This Learning Note presents evidence synthesized from interviews with project staff, government stakeholders and other partners to understand how USAID/Haiti, stakeholders, and DAI used adaptive management to successfully implement the five-year <