Improving WASH Evidence-Based Decision-Making Program (IWED)- Senegal


The IWED Senegal program worked with the Ministry of Water and Sanitation’s Water Resources Management and Planning Directorate to improve the monitoring of Sustainable Development Goal 6 Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) indicators. The program supported monitoring of ambient water quality, water-related ecosystems, and water-use efficiency and productivity, as well as upgrades to the country’s water resources database to better capture the additional indicators. This led to the development of high-level polluter-pays and water-use efficiency strategies. The Program also worked with the Sanitation Directorate to create a public sanitation facility asset inventory database and trained staff on collecting and managing the data on public sanitation assets (e.g., toilets, handwashing stations).  

IWED is a program under the USAID Water for Africa through Leadership and Institutional Support (WALIS) program that supports demand-driven initiatives identified by selected national WASH focal agencies in sub-Saharan Africa to foster better WASH policies, strategies, and decision-making.