Water Point Monitoring: Actionable Guidance for Donors and Investors


The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) adopted by governments aim to ensure everyone has the water and sanitation services they need, when they need them (SDG 6). Evidence on the real state of basic and safely managed services, including water point data such as the location of water sources and their attributes, will be pivotal for achieving SDG 6.1 and
national policy targets.

For donors and investors, water point monitoring throughout program life-cycles is crucial for ensuring the results of programs and improving value for money. When water point monitoring is done in partnership with local government following national and international standards, it truly has the potential to identify problems on time, reduce reputational risk, and sustain real progress towards the SDG 6.1. This factsheet presents recommendations for donors and investors on “Harnessing Water Point Data to Improve Drinking Water Services”

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