USAID Investments in Drinking Water Supply Projects and Related Activities: Final Report to Congress FY 2005


This is the second U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) report to Congress on drinking water supply projects and related activities in 2005. In accordance with the Fiscal Year (FY) 2005 Senate Appropriations Committee Report 108-346, USAID provided its first report in March (90 days after enactment of the 2005 Act) which contained the Agency’s estimated world-wide funding levels for the fiscal year, in addition to information on implementation of water projects, including wells.

The reporting timeline required the Agency to prematurely estimate allocations of funding country programs and for specific technical purposes too early in the Agency’s funding cycle. This resulted in USAID under-estimating funding levels in FY 2005 for water activities world-wide.

In an effort to obtain the most accurate and complete information on the Agency’s water portfolio, Congress agreed that USAID could submit an end-of-fiscal year 2005 report with the actual obligations for the year, instead of the estimated levels directed in the FY 2006 committee report, which were to be provided ninety days after enactment. USAID appreciates this opportunity and trusts that the end-of-fiscal year reporting gives the Committee a more complete assessment of the Agency’s water supply projects and related activities spending levels.

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