Project Profile: Lebanon Water Project

Lebanon: Finding Ways to Ease Water Pressure

Lebanon Water Project | 2015–2020

Strengthening water services has been a priority in this water-scarce region since USAID began its partnership with Lebanon in the 1950s. Lebanon’s water supply and systems are under greater strain than ever before as it absorbs a massive influx of Syrian refugees. On average, water is available intermittently for just eight hours a day, and only 8 percent of the population is connected to a central sewage system.

To help conserve water, USAID started the Lebanon Water Project (LWP). Agriculture and industry are by far the biggest users of water in Lebanon, so LWP is partnering with the private sector to create incentives for adopting water-saving technologies on the farm and in the factories.


This project profile appears in the USAID Global Water and Development Report.