NIKHALAMO is a word in the local language (Chuabo) and means, freely translated, “Girl Child, Stay in School”. The objective of the 4-year (2015-2018) NIKHALAMO Project is to ensure that vulnerable girls in Namacurra district (Zambezia Province) complete upper primary school and transit to lower secondary schools (6th and 7th grades). The project is implemented by ADPP Mozambique (Development Aid from People to People).

Activity Description

Activity Description

Nikhalamo constructs school latrines, supports awareness and behavior change interventions related to WASH, and promotes the adoption of healthy behaviors with respect to water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) practices. Nikhalamo creates WASH committees, clubs, and awareness raising campaigns; constructs and maintains handwashing stations; installs water storage facilities; and supports latrine usage and upkeep and proper waste disposal. The activity provides training on sanitation practices to community workers and also focuses on menstrual hygiene management to allow young girls to stay in school during their menstrual cycle.

2015 - 2018
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