Jordan: Water Management Initiative

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In Jordan, USAID's Water Management Initiative is working to ensure water conservation practices continue to expand and are sustainable. Photo credit: USAID Water Management Initiative

USAID’s Water Management Initiative (WMI) is helping the Government of Jordan address the Kingdom’s most pressing water challenges and avoid a looming crisis. Behavior change and strategic communications are pivotal components of​ ​its efforts to foster sustainable change. USAID’s innovative multimedia water conservation “Don’t Underestimate the Value of a Drop” campaign reached approximately one-third of the population and increased national awareness of water criticality by 20 percent. On the heels of this successful campaign, WMI is helping utilities implement water-saving retrofits to households and institutions. By supporting a variety of improved water management practices ranging from improved groundwater and irrigation management to urban water conservation, WMI has helped Jordan save more than 24 million cubic meters of its most precious resource—water. 

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