water demand management


Policy Brief: Water Demand Management in the Limpopo River Basin

The Limpopo River basin is one of the most vulnerable transboundary basins in the Southern African region, because of water scarcity and climate-related risks, as well as in its limited capacity to adapt. Water Demand Management (WDM) can reduce these risks through conservation and re-use of water resources.


Irrigation and Watershed Management Program

The goal of the Irrigation and Watershed Management Program (IWMP) is to expand and enhance Afghan government and community-level capacity to manage water resources to improve agricultural production and productivity. The five-year, $130 million dollar program, will achieve this objective through activities in four component areas:


Middle East and North Africa Water Center Network (MENA WCN) Assessment and Design

The Middle East and North Africa Water Center Network (MENA WCN) will link technical institutions across the region to work together and with outside counterpart institutions on critical water challenges. The Network will strive to foster partnerships; build and exchange regional science and technology capacity to improve water resources planning and management; and develop and disseminate policy tools and technical and management interventions that expand water supply, manage demand, and dramatically increase its efficient and productive use.


Changing Climate, Changing Minds: How One Philippine City Is Preparing for a Water-Scarce Future

Surrounded by water, the Philippines is especially vulnerable to climate change. Its islands and its people are enduring increasingly unpredictable rains, intensifying cycles of flood and drought, and strengthening storms forming in the Pacific. These changing weather patterns have not only derailed livelihoods and agricultural productivity in rural areas, they have also worsened water insecurity in cities, where 45 percent of the population live.


Instituting Water Demand Management in Jordan (IDARA) Evaluation

The following report is the result of the findings of a mission to Jordan by the independent external evaluation team commissioned by Mendez England & Associates (ME&A) on behalf of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID)/Jordan pursuant to Task Order AID-278-TO-11-0000100001 under the Evaluation Indefinite Quantity Contract, No: RAN-I-00-09-00018. The report is an end-of-project review of the USAID-funded Instituting Water Demand Management (IDARA) project in Jordan, implemented by Development Alternative Inc. (DAI) between 2007 and 2011.