rural water supply


Webinar: Preventive Maintenance Models for Sustainable Rural Water Services

SWS is holding a webinar on August 23 to present recent learning about preventive maintenance, and how it can help local governments, communities, and the local private sector to shift the paradigm from paying pump mechanics to fix broken pumps to paying them to keep water services running.

Global Waters Article

Upgrading Rural Afghanistan’s Water Supply

After enduring decades of conflict, more than 200,000 rural Afghans across 17 provinces are making progress toward a healthier and more water-secure future.

WALIS - Madagascar Safe Water and Sanitation Survey

In Madagascar, more than 11 million people do not have access to safe water and 88 percent of the people don’t have access to improved sanitation facilities. For leaders, incomplete data on access to safe water and sanitation can act as a barrier to improving public health services.


Water for Jordan

Since 2000, USAID has provided more than $700 million to strengthen the water sector in Jordan.

USAID/Jordan published this video to help mark World Water Day 2017 and show how water treatment efforts in Jordan are contributing to greater local water security and improving quality of life.  In the video description, USAID/Jordan expresses gratitude to the "water heroes" working in the water sector who are working hard to deliver clean water to homes in Jordan.