community development


Balochistan Agriculture Project

BAP is the third phase of a 10-year agricultural development project that evolved through a pilot phase focused on community development and food security, to a second phase focused on increasing surpluses and connecting farmers to markets, to a third phase that emphasized transitioning beneficiary farmers to commercially oriented business enterprises.


Zambia Integrated Systems Strengthening Project

The Zambia Integrated Systems Strengthening Program (ZISSP) was a four-and-a-half year USAID-funded, Abt Associates-led project which increased the use of quality, high-impact health services through a health systems strengthening approach in Zambia.


Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene Plus – Uganda

In Uganda, WASHplus worked in the districts of Kisoro, Kabale, and Kanungu to strengthen the capacity of USAID implementing partners—SPRING, Community Connector, STAR-SW, among others—to integrate WASH into both nutrition and HIV activities. In these communities access to water is a burden borne by women and children who carry small buckets or jerry cans to distant water points over difficult terrain. What a difference a water-saving tippy tap hand washing station or a rain catchment system can make—examples of small doable approaches that WASHplus promotes.


Palestinian Community Infrastructure Development Program

The Palestinian Community Infrastructure Development Program (PCID) is a five-year program which began in March 2013 and will finish in March 2018. The Program aims to increase Palestinians’ access to water and sanitation as well as other small and medium scale community infrastructure in the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza.


Community Development Program - Final Performance Evaluation

From March 2009 to September 2013, the Central Asian Development Group (CADG) implemented hundreds of labor-intensive infrastructure projects in some of the most insecure areas of Afghanistan under a cooperative agreement with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The Community Development Program (CDP), which changed names over the years, represented one of USAID’s longest-running stabilization efforts in Afghanistan. With a ceiling of approximately $266 million, it was also one of the greatest investments.