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USAID Annual Report Launch: Safeguarding the World’s Water FY 2015

Please join USAID and partners for the release of the latest Safeguarding the World’s Water Report and a discussion about accomplishments, challenges and lessons learned from current and past USAID water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) programs. During the first half of the event, USAID water leadership and others will have an informal discussion about overall accomplishments, lessons learned, and challenges around WASH investments and policy.


How USAID is Addressing the Global Water and Sanitation Challenge: Annual Water and Development Report

Water makes headlines in times of crisis—think Cape Town Day Zero, Hurricane Maria, or the cholera epidemic in Yemen. But for the 2.1 billion people worldwide who live without access to safe drinking water, and approximately 4.4 billion without access to adequate sanitation, lack of these basic necessities is a daily reality that affects health, economic well-being, productivity, and quality of life.


Safeguarding the World's Water Report FY 2015

Safeguarding the World's Water for Fiscal Year 2015 describes a wide range of programs consistent with USAID's Water and Development Strategy’s focus on maintaining human health and growing food through water. It is organized by region and shares Fiscal Year 2015 achievements and investments as well as illustrative examples of country-specific programs related to these key issues and other Agency priorities.