Webinar: Sharing Experience on Gender Mainstreaming in Transboundary Water Bodies

In the last decades, the awareness on the reasons why gender should be particularly mainstreamed in the water realm rapidly grew. Investing in gender mainstreaming in water programs is fundamental and now well justified, because it represents a step forward towards the realization of the SDGs and of the 2030 agenda. This is particularly true and even more challenging in the case of transboundary water bodies, which require cooperation and collaboration among the various authorities in charge of waters across the national borders, based on mutual trust and on transparency.

This webinar from IW:LEARN explores different experiences on gender mainstreaming and analysis from Global Environment Facility (GEF) projects on transboundary waters bodies and, thanks to the "Twinning" component of IW Learn, will provide specific assistance, support and guidance to GEF projects. The webinar is the 6th in the series, "Engendering International Waters."