Webinar: Mitigating Transboundary Water Conflict and Improving Water Security


Winding for nearly 14,000 kilometers, the Mara River is a vital source of life in Kenya and Tanzania. The river traverses the towering Mau Forest, wanders through tea plantations and growing settlements in the upper Basin, and waters the rangelands of Maasai pastoral communities. The river also sustains the region’s stunning biodiversity, from forest ecosystems to the wildebeests migrating between Serengeti National Park and Maasai Mara National Reserve.

Straddling the border between Kenya and Tanzania, the Mara River Basin might easily have been a point of international conflict. But instead, it’s becoming a model case study of approaches and tools that foster effective transboundary water cooperation.

This webinar from the USAID-funded Sustainable Water Partnership (SWP) features a presentation and discussion of groundbreaking, collaborative efforts by Kenyan and Tanzanian stakeholders to safeguard the transboundary Mara River Basin. Topics discussed include transboundary water governance frameworks, water allocation planning, stakeholder participation and ownership, and on-the-ground implementation to improve water security.


  • Gordon Mumbo, Team Leader for SWP’s Sustainable Water for the Mara Activity
  • Omari Mwinjaka, Water Resources Management Officer of the Lake Victoria Basin Commission (LVBC)
  • John Parker, SWP Deputy Director