#FastForward Franchising Sanitation II

This webinar, ‘Franchising Sanitation II’ w/ Julie McBride of Six Stages & Bradley Heslop of WSV Aired live on December 13, 2017 @ 2 p.m. GMT. It was organized by the Toilet Board Coalition.

About the Presenters

  • Julie McBride is a thought leader in the field of social franchising and was recently named one of “Five Innovative Consultants that are changing the world” in Inc. Magazine. Julie’s experience using the franchise model to scale social businesses spans 20 years, five continents, and several industries including healthcare, water, sanitation, agribusiness, clean energy, and education. In her most recent venture as founder and CEO of Stage Six LLC, Julie is building and supporting a portfolio of investment-ready social franchises across a range of sectors and geographies. Julie earned her Masters in Public Health from New York University and her Bachelor of Science from the University of Washington.
  • Bradley Heslop is a young British social entrepreneur committed to activating entrepreneurship as a force for social change. Following his work on circular economy sanitation and micro-entrepreneurship in Kenya, in 2014 Bradley was rated 5th in the Top 100 Future Leaders publication. He has since gone on to cement entrepreneurship as a priority at the University of Southampton and receive a Fellow of The Royal Society of Arts. In 2016, Bradley co-founded WSV to franchise three micro-business models for the development of rural communities living under $2 a day. 
Publication Date: 
13 Dec 2017
Produced By: 
Toilet Board Coalition