BMGF-WSH Webinar: Gender in the Sanitation Value Chain

On February 27, 2018, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation's Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene Team (BMGF-WSH) held a webinar, Gender in the Sanitation Value Chain. The webinar provided the following:

  • An update on the steps we have taken at the foundation to build our gender capacity internally;
  • A look at where the foundation’s gender equality strategy is going; 
  • A deep dive into evidence; and
  • Examples of how gender affects sanitation, based on an evidence review conducted by the WSH and Gender Equality teams in 2017.


  • Brian Arbogast –Water, Sanitation & Hygiene, BMGF
  • Jennifer McCleary-Sills – Gender Equality, BMGF
  • Jessica Brinton – Water, Sanitation & Hygiene, BMGF 
  • Radu Ban - Water, Sanitation & Hygiene, BMGF 
  • Lucero Quiroga- Gender Equality, BMGF
  • Alyse Schrecongost –Water, Sanitation & Hygiene, BMGF
  • Graham Snead–Water, Sanitation & Hygiene, BMGF