In Afghanistan’s Baghlan province, local and central government staff inspect an irrigation canal targeted for rehabilitation through the USAID SWIM Activity to increase the efficiency of irrigation infrastructure and enable better water resources management.  Submitted to 2018 # WaterSecureWorld Photo Contest by AECOM

Water Resources Management

Water resources management encompasses the efforts of stakeholders to protect freshwater ecosystems that provide drinking water. USAID helps partner countries better cope with rising pressures on water-stressed river basins by engaging with stakeholders to develop water allocation plans that secure the availability of water for households, improve storage and quality of water through sustainably managed watersheds, and promote adaptive innovations to build resilience and reduce water-related risk. This collection page features a variety of technical, multimedia, and learning resources showcasing water resources management’s vital role in strengthening global water security. For more information on topics related to water resources management, you can also visit’s Water Resources Management home page.

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