USAID IUWASH: Regular Desludging for Cleaner and Healthier Jakarta

It turns out that Jakarta's sewerage system coverage reached only 4% of its total population. Domestic sludge disposal which are leaking through improper septic tanks pollute the ground water sources. Unfortunately, there are many people who still do not understand the hazard of ground water pollution, not only to the environment, but also to people's health and productivity. So, is there a solution? Yes. The Government of DKI Jakarta Province has issued a Regulation No. 3/2013 which passes sewerage and wastewater management responsibility over to Perusahaan Daerah Pengelola Air Limbah DKI Jakarta (PD PAL Jaya). Given the mandate, PD PAL Jaya provides a regular desludging (of septic tanks) service with an affordable price as an effort to minimize environmental pollution in the capital's densely populated areas.

Some promotional activities will be continuously conducted by the USAID Indonesia Urban Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (IUWASH) Project and PD PAL Jaya—using this video as one of the tools—to optimize the regular desludging service and to increase the community's awareness of households sanitation management for a cleaner and healthier Jakarta.

The IUWASH Project was a five-year effort designed to support the Government of Indonesia (GOI) in making significant progress towards achieving its safe water and sanitation Millennium Development Goal (MDG) targets by expanding access to these services.