Responding to Morocco’s Water Challenge


Mitigating water scarcity is a national priority in Morocco, where a growing population, rapid urbanization, and developing economy are increasing the country’s demand for water. Responding to Morocco’s water challenge, in 2017 the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) launched the project H2O Maghreb, as a public-private development partnership between the Moroccan government, USAID, ONEE (Moroccan National Institute for Water and Electricity), and the private sector partners, Festo Didactic SE and EON Reality.

The main goal of the USAID–supported H2O Maghreb project is to fill the huge skills gap in water management. In a water-scarce country like Morocco the lack of a skilled workforce prevents industry and agriculture from exploiting the full potential of growth (efficient use of water, quality control, prevention of pollution etc.).

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