Children and families demonstrating proper hand washing practices  at hygiene campaign event. (USAID Food For Peace DFSA, Bangladesh; Nobo Jatra Project)  Kulnah Province, Southern Bangladesh Photo credit:  Rakesh Kata/World Vision Bangladesh


Hygiene refers to behaviors that can improve cleanliness and lead to good health. USAID works alongside partner countries to reach poor and underserved populations with hygiene behavior change campaigns that generate lasting results, aiming to improve hygiene facilities in educational and health care institutions and increase handwashing with soap at critical times, among other objectives. This collection page features a variety of technical, multimedia, and learning resources, illustrating how improved hygiene is both a vital component of public health and a key step on communities’ path to self-reliance.

For more information on hygiene-related topics, visit the Sanitation & Hygiene home page.

To learn more about USAID supported water programming, visit the Sanitation & Hygiene activities page.

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