Global Waters Stories – July 2017

Announcing the Launch of
USAID’s Water Team is pleased to present its new website, a knowledge-sharing hub for water and development practitioners globally. Explore the content available on the website in this feature article that links you directly to water-related news, stories, and resources.

Photo Essay: USAID’s 40-Year Legacy in Water and Wastewater Meets the Needs of Egypt’s Growing Population
Since 1978, USAID has invested more than $3.5 billion to help bring potable water and sanitation services to over 25 million Egyptians. A photo essay explores this legacy of cooperation.

In Mali, Communities Take Health and Well-Being into their Own Hands
A community-led approach to sanitation combined with nutrition interventions is helping to improve health outcomes in Malian villages.

Reducing the Drip of Irrigation Energy Costs​​​​​
With USAID support, MIT researchers are testing technology in Jordan and Morocco that could make new irrigation systems more efficient and affordable for small-scale farmers.

Podcast: Establishing a Sustainable Market for Water Purification Tablets in Ghana
Community outreach has been key to the success of Aquatabs in Ghana—not just for business, but for the health of its customers.