Announcing New Climatelinks Design and Features

One of the Climatelinks Photo Contest Winners of 2020 features a multiple use water system in operation in Nepal. Photo credit: Bimala Rai Colavito

Climatelinks has a new design and updated content—just in time for the United States to rejoin the Paris Climate Accord. The site has been revamped to better meet the needs of USAID, its climate and development partners, and the climate community around the world. 

Originally launched in October 2015, the site also serves as a venue for information sharing and exchange within its community of users. Some key features include: 

Updated Sector Pages: To help mainstream climate into other sectors, the site features updated sector pages, including water and sanitation. Each page includes recent resources, blogs, and events. For more information on USAID's water security, sanitation, and hygiene (WSSH) work, explore and its Climate Change Resources Collection.  Please continue to monitor for future guidance and resources to inform mainstreaming climate change in WSSH activities. 

New Country Pages: All USAID country pages have been updated with a more user-friendly data dashboard, which includes climate change indicators, such as annual change in greenhouse gas emissions, deforestation rates, USAID climate funding, and policy indicators, such as country plans and commitments.

Resource Library: Climatelinks curates and archives technical guidance and knowledge related to USAID’s climate programming. The site houses about 3,000 resources, including more than 600 blogs. The library contains new policy documents, webcasts, training courses, and more.

Climate Risk Management Portal: This page includes our most popular resources––the Climate Risk Profiles and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Fact Sheets—as well as Climate Risk Management training resources that anyone can take from home.

Photo Gallery: The redesigned photo gallery now hosts more than 300 photos from climate and development programs around the world, including water. Stunning photos come from two recent Climatelinks photo contests and community contributors. These images tell the story of nature-based solutions to climate change by geography and sector.

We invite you to explore the site to discover its new features. Please contact the Climatelinks team with your feedback.

By Stephan Hardeman, Site and Community Manager for Climatelinks