World Toilet Day 2021


On November 19, USAID celebrates World Toilet Day 2021. This year’s theme - Valuing Toilets - highlights the importance of toilets in many facets of peoples’ lives, including health, gender equality, economics, and the environment. “Toilet” is often used as a simple term for -- and often the most visible part of -- the whole sanitation process, which includes not just the toilet or latrine, but also regulations, behavior change, sanitation sales, and the capture, treatment, disposal, and/or reuse of urine or feces. USAID celebrates and supports all parts of the sanitation process. (And don’t forget to wash your hands after using the toilet!) 

For information about how to participate in World Toilet Day, visit our social media toolkit (hosted on Adobe Spark). 

The USAID Uganda Sanitation Health Activity (USHA) wrote a blog about their work to design latrines for primary schools in Uganda, highlighting the design, operations, and maintenance that go into making toilets accessible to all. Read more at the link below, and share your reflections with us @USAIDWater.

Read USHA's Sanitation Success Story