WASH Indicator Reference Sheets


Performance indicators can help to track the progress of a project and measure actual results against expected results. They are an important management tool to consider when creating either a Performance Management Plan (PMP) or a Monitoring and Evaluation Plan. 

When designing and implementing a project, managers should select a number of indicators to measure the impact of the project, while keeping in mind that indicators alone cannot describe why a project is or is not achieving its intended results.

USAID uses three distinct types of indicators:

  • F Indicators help aggregate the Agency's work across all programs and are commonly used for reporting purposes. They are also known as "standard" indicators.
  • Contextual Indicators help to examine the larger context in which a program works, but are not specifically related to the performance of a program, project or activity.
  • Custom Indicators help managers to report on the progress of a program, project or activity towards the targeted goals. 

Indicators were last updated October 2022.

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