WALIS Improving WASH Evidence-based Decision-Making Programs

Data technicians in the Manica province of Mozambique at a training to learn how to use the new m-SINAS tablets for mobile data collection under the IWED Mozambique program. Photo Credit: ENGIDRO

To identify demand-driven, country-led initiatives, the Water for Africa through Leadership and Institutional Support (WALIS) project developed its Improving WASH Evidence-based Decision-making (IWED) program to provide strategic support to six government WASH agencies in sub-Saharan Africa.

The IWED program encouraged a shift towards sustainable services delivery, consistent with the UN Sustainable Development Goal 6 – Ensure Access to Water and Sanitation for All- through smarter use of data, better monitoring, greater emphasis on analysis, evidence-building, strengthening sector policies and strategies, and encouraging learning lessons and sharing experience amongst African governments.

To provide this support, WALIS worked closely with cooperating country government agencies and local implementing partners in Ghana, Ethiopia, Madagascar, Mozambique, Tanzania, and Senegal to execute these programs. This fact sheet provides a brief overview of each of the programs.