Water Point Monitoring: Actionable Guidance for National Governments


The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) adopted by governments aim to ensure everyone has the water and sanitation services they need, when they need them (SDG 6).  Evidence on the real state of basic and safely managed services, including water point data such as the location of water sources and their attributes, will be pivotal for achieving SDG 6.1 and national policy targets.

National governments have a crucial role in providing guidance and support for the collection and use of water point data. Beyond the need for coverage statistics at national level, districts and partners require water point data to plan and act to improve services. Good quality national water point monitoring data are also a catalyst for faster private and public investments. More investments are needed since the Sustainable Development Goals are not going to be met at the current rate of investment. This factsheet presents recommendations for national governments on “Harnessing Water Point Data to Improve Drinking Water Services”

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