Performance Evaluation – USAID/Haiti Feed the Future West/Watershed Initiative for National Natural Environmental Resources


The $127 million USAID/Haiti Feed the Future (FtF) West/Watershed Initiative for National Natural Environmental Resources (WINNER) project, implemented by Chemonics International, began in June 2009 and was originally designed to protect watersheds by preserving hillsides, stabilizing waterways, and building non-farm livelihoods options. As a result of the 2010 earthquake, the government of Haiti recommitted to watershed management and food self-sufficiency and the USG created a post-earthquake strategy.

At the same time, President Obama rolled out the Feed the Future initiative. The confluence of these three simultaneous forces resulted in USAID/Haiti and Chemonics International redesigning the WINNER project. While some aspects of the original design remained, such as continuing to rehabilitate watersheds and augment farmer incomes through increased agricultural productivity, the refocused Haiti WINNER project had many notable changes. These changes included shifting the focus of activities from watershed stabilization to food security and agricultural productivity, establishing a geographic zone of intervention (ZOI), and targeting smallholder farmers rather than individuals living in targeted watersheds.

While the bulk of WINNER activities ended in early 2014, the final construction of a dam and the close out of the project were completed in February 2015. This final performance evaluation assesses the degree to which the WINNER project met its objectives and tested the underlying assumptions of the results framework defined by the project.


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2 Nov 2015
181 pages

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