USAID Community Meeting on Mitigating the Impacts of COVID-19 on Food, Nutrition & Water Security


This webinar explores how we can mitigate the impacts of COVID-19 on global food, nutrition and water security, including through improved coordination between humanitarian and development actors and actions. 

It provides country-specific data and examples from implementing partners, ACDI/VOCA, DAI, CORUS International, Helen Keller International, as well as a representative from the USAID Ethiopia mission inform the discussion. 


  • Trey Hicks, Assistant to the Administrator for the Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance (alter ego for the Associate Administrator for Relief, Response and Resilience), USAID 
  • Maura Barry, Senior Deputy Assistant Administrator for the Bureau for Resilience and Food Security (alter ego for the Assistant to the Administrator), USAID
  • Max Primorac, Senior Deputy Assistant Administrator (alter ego for the Assistant to the Administrator) Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance, USAID 
  • Greg Collins, Deputy Assistant Administrator and USAID Resilience Coordinator, Bureau for Resilience and Food Security, USAID

Featuring a discussion with:

  • Muhammad Nurul Amin Siddiquee, Chief of Party of Feed the Future Bangladesh Livestock Production for Improved Nutrition, ACDI/VOCA Country Representative
  • Euphresia Luseka, Water Governance and Policy Specialist, DAI
  • Wendi Bevins, Resilience Technical Advisor, CORUS International
  • Pooja Pandey Rana, Deputy Chief of Party, Helen Keller International, Representative from USAID Ethiopia