A Toolkit for Water Auditors: Commercial and Institutional Sectors


This toolkit is intended as a guide to those water districts and/or companies, agencies or academic institutions wishing to take first steps to becoming more water efficient and ecologically responsible. Please note that it does not substitute for expert technical guidance and advice. The technical information in this toolkit is standard practice and state of the art at the time of writing. Every user and every location needs to adapt these tools to their own circumstances. Not all the tools may be necessary or available, and some tools may not work well depending on the specific setting, plumbing variables and conditions.

The authors hope that each user will add the results and experience of adapting this guide, successful and otherwise, and share these through their professional associations and at local fora, so everyone can benefit from the practical efforts to make this guide operational. In this way, it will remain a dynamic and ever-evolving support to the water community.