Define the Water Security Improvement Space and Assess Water Security Risks - SWP Toolkit #2


The Sustainable Water Partnership updated its second Water Security Improvement (WSI) Toolkit, “Define the Water Security Improvement Space and Assess Water Risks,” with lessons learned and best practices from its pilot implementation of the WSI process in the Mara River Basin and the Stung Chinit Basin. The updated toolkit features an elaborated discussion of the steps, recommendations, and guidelines for how to complete a water security assessment and a synthesis of three key technical content areas. The first is a profile of the target geography, describing the short- and long-term trends in demographics and stakeholder groups, natural disasters, land uses, climate change, and water infrastructure, among others. The second is an evidence-based understanding of water quality, water availability, and water balance in the target geography. The third is a water governance assessment, detailing information about the local governance institutions, and processes as well as policy frameworks.

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