SERVIR Service Planning Toolkit


In 2015, the SERVIR program adopted a Service Planning approach to ensure that its services help developing countries effectively solve challenges related to agriculture, water management, land use and disaster management.

Building on experiences with the new approach, this Service Planning Toolkit is a resource for SERVIR Hubs as they, with their partners, strive to make an impact in designing, delivering and implementing services.

The Toolkit comprises four tools linked to the lifecycle of SERVIR services. They are:

  • Consultation and Needs Assessment
  • Service Design
  • Stakeholder Mapping
  • Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning

The step-by-step processes and templates outlined in this Toolkit represent a best effort to provide resources that will work for all Hubs in most cases. While the tools provide guidelines based on best practice, they should be adapted to local contexts and the planning requirements of each service. Where relevant, the Toolkit offers additional resources to assist Hubs in refining their approaches.