Sectoral Synthesis of 2013–2014 Evaluation Findings

The E3 Sectoral Synthesis of 2013-2014 Evaluation Findings is an in-depth review of 117 evaluations published between January 2013 and September 2014 of projects related to E3 technical sectors. This study builds upon the success of the E3 Sectoral Synthesis of 2012 Evaluation Findings by reviewing evaluations against more detailed criteria related to technical and sectoral lessons learned, as well as adding a structured review of the quality of the evaluation reports. In addition to providing E3 staff and Missions with an overview of what has been learned overall and for specific sectors in which USAID works, the results of this study are intended to inform USAID strategy and project development. 

This study examined project results, key lessons learned, areas for improvement, and innovative practices as presented in the evaluation reports. Evaluations were also reviewed for cross-cutting topics such as gender equality and women’s empowerment, private sector engagement, and governance. This report presents the overarching, as well as sector-specific, findings from each of these areas.