Promoting Development in Shared River Basins : Tools for Enhancing Transboundary Basin Management


The world’s 286 transboundary river basins support the socioeconomic well-being of more than 40 percent of its population, as well as the ecosystems on which they depend. The use of shared water resources by one country will, in most cases, impact other countries sharing the same system. Coordination among countries in the development of transboundary basins can reap greater mutual benefits than would otherwise be available to countries pursuing individual development.

The study guides the reader through a three-stage process for choosing the most appropriate tools for the development and management of transboundary freshwater resources.

Publication Date: 
15 Mar 2018
153 pages

Leb, Christina

Henshaw, Taylor

Iqbal, Nausheen

Rehberger Bescos, Irene

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World Bank Water Global Practice