Project Profile: Jordan Institutional Support and Strengthening Program

Jordan: Building A Modern, Responsive Water & Wastewater System

Jordan Institutional Support and Strengthening Program (ISSP) | 2010–2015

Jordan is one of the world’s most water-poor countries, but it still manages to provide drinking water access to 98 percent of its population. Despite the high rate of access, water supply is under great strain—access is intermittent and the country’s population has grown greatly in the last three years, due to an influx of Syrian refugees. Further compounding the problem are challenges that the water sector institutions face relating to financing, governance, sector structure, technical and planning capacity, infrastructure repair, and debt. 

From 2010–2015, USAID Jordan’s Institutional Support and Strengthening Program (ISSP) worked closely with the Ministry of Water and Irrigation, Water Authority of Jordan (WAJ), Jordan Valley Authority, and several water utilities to initiate reforms that would allow for the restructuring of the sector.


This project profile appears in the USAID Global Water and Development Report.