Project Profile: Egypt Utilities Management Program & North Sinai Initiative

Egypt: Providing Clean Water to Underserved Communities

  • Egypt Utilities Management Program | 2014–2019
  • North Sinai Initiative | 2014–2019

USAID is working with local water companies in Egypt to increase access to safe water and sanitation services. In underserved communities of rural Upper Egypt, USAID is constructing wastewater facilities for basic sanitation and connecting households to those facilities by installing pipelines for potable water and sanitation services. 

In the North Sinai, USAID and the Government of Egypt are improving the lives of the local Bedouin population with 16 projects targeting water access and infrastructure in the isolated region. Projects include the drilling of deep wells; the construction of desalination plants, distribution lines, and water reservoirs; and the procurement of trucks for water distribution and wastewater removal.


This project profile appears in the USAID Global Water and Development Report.